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I was born in '67 the year of Sgt. Pepper and Are You Experienced. Into a suburban heaven, Yeah, and it should've been forever. It all seemed to make so much sense. Porcupine Tree - Time Flies


I've played guitar and bass, and even keyboard from ... a long long long time ago.
In the meanwhile, I've lost a lot of my hair ...

I do a completely different job since many years, but I have never stopped to play and create musics and songs actually since I was a teenager, due to an exaggerated burning passion ...
Though at the moment the musical experiences I joined have ended, if not in some extemporaneous collaboration, I have never been successful to limit a continuous emerging of music in my days. Listening to music, a lot, playing music, still a lot, creating music or only caughting a glimpse of. Above all, not "executed", but mostly improvised.

Where The Music Comes From?

At last at home, take the guitar or the keyboard and often emerges some pretty music things. Some remains in the brain, or in a recording, the left returns from where it has come. Or sometimes on the street, in the office, doing anything else, but you're already singing something new.

A suggestion, an idea, a feeling, an anger, also a joy, of course, a memory, anything can cause a show in the strange mind space made of sounds, notes, harmonies, rhythms. But the greater part of the inspiration comes simply, with no particular reason or conscious emotion: an instrumental fragment, one phrase, a refrain, an arrangment, also an entire song. An Endless River, sorry for the quote.

Sometimes you even, and I am certainly not the first to say it, have the feeling of "listening" music and lyrics that were there, and shown and dictated to us. The ancient muses.
And the only artistry skill is the effort to try to keep up, to write or record everything before it vanishes.


Farsil.Music era.

What's Farsil.Music? Farsil.Music Inside was set up in 2004, by the rock guitarist and songwriter Catfed.Music, that, you can guess, is me......:-).. One day, walking by the country fields, he suddenly woke up with this feel : "I CAN do my own album, and I can do now!" This album, "Dedicated to You", was made at home, from ideas to final mix, and published on the Internet on December 2006. A kinda of proof of concept, with a strong message.


As the years passed by, material and experience accumulated, and became more and more clear also the theoretical desire, technical corollario of the inspiration, of this production: starting from rock, my old companion, exceed the musical divisions, first of all the artificial dichotomy classic-modern music. And instead pursuing a will of inspiration summarized as the musical fly in those
"Heaven great and immense, strong scents and colors, where perhaps you too have your dream. "

Why do you do that?

For passion, for the love of music, for the sake of peace and life;
in order to contrast fear, pessimism and violence, that today are too much present.

But how can be expected with simple songs to catch up such an ambitious goal?

Exceeding the simple songs.

It's the music itself with its cascade of sounds and rhythms, with its languages and meanings, that tries to catch up this ambitious goal , surely helped also by the lyrics and the images, but without too many reasoning arguments.

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