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Luce dalle Vetrate ( Light through the Glass Windows )

Look how beautiful is the light

That filters through the glass windows,

The sun rises every day:

It is not over yet.

It 'a cuddle to the weary.

The wait, the lights and open spaces, because the windows are like portals through which the spirit comes in different powerful dimensions, here and elsewhere.

Never loose hope.


An improvised music, melody and chords, pondering this beautiful poem.

Solo in Lydian and pentatonic scales. The "refrain" is a modal progression, available in three different small changes (in closing).

A jazzy flavor piece, whose basic arrangement comes from a very good app for Android: "Chordbot" , that does what it promises, "Experiment with advanced chord progressions and arrangements".
Backing track then exported as a midi in Cubase, and there worked out.

Shortcut between the idea and the realization: it has taken shape in an hour or so poor "exercises of scale".


Dawn Dance

Greetings beautiful CrisDil !!

A symbolic dance, light, such as the dances of the far east.
A crescendo as dawn, with a sudden solo when the direct light at last "break", to achieve calm in the diffuse light of the morning.

It's been a year since I put back on track this site.
It is also been six months since last published song.

Yes, I promised you a song a month ... no I didn't succeded ..
Not because I have no ideas, but because there are so many other things to do and laziness is so much too.
Tempus Fugit, indeed, isn't it true?
However love stirs even the most stubborn laziness, and here: it begins again!
And so Greetings beautiful CrisDil!!

This classical guitar melody is in my personal repertoire since really many years.
Taken in a lighter version, with warm musicality, almost Latin, to lighten a melody per se melancholy.
Rearranged and recorded in a bit crazy race against time in half day, to be able to present it as a gift the next morning.
Then finished calmly and published here.


Loving Pulsar

('cause we've NEVER ended as lovers)

We walk, as individual human beings and humanity, immersed in a wonderful spacetime we understand very little, but that all around us always surprises us, and that each of us eventually abandons. And go where? And why ?
These are the questions!

Surrounded by such considerations, I liked thinking about two pulsars wildly rotating on themselves , and also revolving around each other, in a cosmic dance of exceptional lovers: their attraction increases more and more, in a very long time, and even -for the general-relativity from their point of view in an infinite time, until they merge, until the final coalescence, say astrophysicists.
And in the meantime continue to emit waves, and also gravitational waves. Their "love" expands between them and all around them ...

What to do with music? nothing, but it's an analogy that inspired me:

because we two, like the two pulsars, we NEVER finished as lovers!
awaits us all eternity ...

What are Pulsars ?

This is the official artwork made by a very promising young graphic, Looijres Knight (nice job Matte), for my album "Attenzione!", soon to be published on a lot of mainstream digital channels: we're talking about iTunes, Deezer, Spotify, Xbox Groove, YouTube, etc etc.

It was almost ready, but this image has inspired me in turn, and so then - delaying the publication - in a weekend of sober stellar and instrumental trips, I produced this new piece.

I started with a music that I play with acoustic guitar since many years, rewriting it completely in a sci-fi, contemporary space.rock version: pulsing bass synthesizer lines, soundscapes keyboards, guitars that weave a gentle but steady arpeggio, lead guitars that run through the basic theme. A modern "space" song but poignant, winking as intention to the famous piece of Jeff Beck.
And at the end of the song ... a real space sound ... a pulsar at radio-telescope.

Also will be published in the All Songs section the following "Extended tracks", versions of PPINA:

  • What is Real in Reality
  • New Year Proposal (English Version)
  • 2015.09.08

    Normandy Roads (Wedding Trip)

    Greetings, beautiful CrisDil!
    This track is about the beauty of the beginning of feeling, that from hidden and delicate takes shape, develops, pampers and surprises. And suddenly life runs ahead, as the roads lead to new places: complicity and understanding.

    I wrote it a couple of years ago, looking at pictures of our honeymoon on the road, in Normandy back in 1995. It has been recorded now to present it to my wonderful wife, a really dutiful action since this piece was conceived and written absolutely for her.



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